TRAC's Winter Dinner 2002
Ralph Mason - TRAC Member-at-Large

TRAC held its second Winter Dinner at the Boumi Temple in Baltimore on Saturday evening, January 12th. The location and arrangements were outstanding and they contributed to the enjoyable atmosphere for the evening's events.

This year's festivities were arranged by TRAC's Member-at-Large, Ralph Mason.  Ralph, a TRAC Charter Member, was a past Potantate of the Temple.   Last year, Ralph, also a member of the Boumi Clown Unit, generously donated to TRAC, a ceramic clown that he had made and is shown above.  TRAC sponsored a raffle for the clown which was won by fellow TRAC member, Tim Cashman.

Forty-three TRAC members attended this year's event and were treated to Hor d'oeuvres, a sit-down dinner and award ceremony.  A truly good time was had by everyone who attended.

Talking TRiumphs with friends, what could be better?


Bob Wittlinger receives a
Certificate of Appreciation
for serving as TRAC Member-at-Large
in 2001

Kitty and Jaime Goffaux receive a
Certificate of Appreciation
for serving as
 the 2000 - 2001 Editors of the
TRAC Record

Ben Heller receives
a special
Certificate of
 from the Board of Directors
for his service to
TRAC as Chairman
of the
Events Committee
in 2001

TRAC's Board of Directors presented to Priscilla and Gary Klein a "Member #1 Award for their  contibutions toward founding TRAC

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