January 2002 Tech Session
Tech Session Group Shot

TRAC held its first Tech Session of the new year at the home of Bill Taylor on Saturday January 5.  This session focused on front suspension overhaul and the group disassembled Bill's TR3.

Nine members attended, standing from the left: Chris Horant, Craig Wensley, Bill Taylor, Paul Hagart, Ben Heller, Russ Pagano and Gary Klein.  Kneeling is Scott Reese, but where is the mysterious ninth member?  He had to leave early but not before his picture was taken.


Bill carefully removes parts from the TR3's front suspension.  Having a portable lift available made the job quite easy.


Chris provides Ben with some advice.  However, Russ isn't so sure, Scott's undecided and Craig is trying hard not to laugh.


Ops, Ben wishes he hadn't taken the advise.  Sorry Bill!


Who is this mystery TRAC Member?
It's TRAC's One and Only UK resident, Russell Williams!
Russ should be back Stateside and a regular TRAC participant next year.


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