TRAC's Winter Dinner 2003
TRAC held its 3rd Winter Dinner on Saturday January 25th at the Sparrows Point Country Club. This years affair, arranged by TRAC members Scott & Heidi Reese, was attended by 46 TRAC members.  The appetizers, buffet dinner, and desserts were enjoyed by everyone and once again proved that TRAC is an "eating and partying" British Car Club!

Club President, Ben Heller, gave this year's State of TRAC address and several awards were bestowed on TRAC members for their participation and support throughout the past year. Chuck Moreland provided an outstanding and entertaining custom produced video that highlighted TRAC's events in 2002.

Would you trust your dining pleasure to this crew?  Yeah!

Hmmm.  Golf Ball-sized, Chocolate Covered Strawberries.

An Enjoyable

Was Experienced

By Everyone

Who Attended

The Winter Dinner 2003

TRAC President, Ben Heller, delivered the
State of TRAC Speech

Russ Pagano receives his
TRAC Board Member lapel pin

John and Anita Zahn received a Certificate of Appreciation for services rendered to TRAC

Sherman Taffel receives his
TRAC Board Member lapel pin

Ben Heller presented Gary Klein with a
TRiumph logo straw hat

The goodies were everywhere!

Russ and Lisa show their
stuff on the dance floor.

Camellia and Sherman were not to be out done.

And neither were Tony and Mary Ellen.

Scott said he only does that slow stuff.

The ladies did not wait for the guys.

The perfect finish.

Karen Martin receives her Certificate of Appreciation for serving as editor of the
"TRAC Record".

Dick Martin receives his
TRAC Board Member lapel pin.

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