November 2003 Tech Session
Thrust Washer Check

This month's Tech Session was held at fellow TRAC Member Jaime Goffaux's shop in Elkridge, "Yesteryear Motorsport".  Several TRAC members brought their TR's over for a quick check of the crankshaft's end float.  The simple check can provide valuable information regarding the state of your engine that could save you money!

Crankshaft end float is adjusted by installing a combination of Thrust Washers whose thichnesses places the overall end float within specification.

This was the second Thrust Washer session TRAC held and certainly will not be the last.


It all starts off with safely jacking up the car and placing it on jackstands


Measurements on many TR's are made from the underside.

A magnetic mount is attached to the frame and the articulated arm with gauge adjusted so that the gauge feeler rests against the harmonic balancer.


This car's measurement read .004".  Spec for the TR6 is .004" - .008"

Like the TR6, the TR3 must be measured from below


This TR7 was initially placed on stands but actually, the crankshaft end float can actually be measured quite easily from under the bonnet.

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