March 2003 Tech Session

This month's Tech Session was held at fellow TRAC Member Jaime Goffaux's shop in Elkridge, "Yesteryear Motorsport".  Mr. Jack Flood of Chesapeake Petroleum gave a talk on OIL where Jack deciphered the letters, numbers and mystery behind oil viscosity, multi-grade ratings, synthetic versus mineral and the advantages and disadvantages of each and when to use them.  Several other topics ensued, including the dreaded Dot 3&4 VS Dot5 Silicone brake fluid discussion!  About 25 TRAC members were joined by several members of NCJOC.

Jack Flood kept our attention.

Somebody ate too many donuts!

Jaime keeps a watchful eye on this crowd.  Hey, with all those Lotus cars nearby, wouldn't you?

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