July 2003 Tech Session

This month's Tech Session was again held at fellow TRAC Member Jaime Goffaux's shop in Elkridge, "Yesteryear Motorsport".  New TRAC member, Andy Packard, expressed interest replacing the door check straps and the inner and outter window seals on his TR250.  Gee this topic sounds vaguely familiar to TRAC's first ever Tech Session, December 2000, when we took Scott Reese' TR6 doors apart for the same reason.


Sure, Andy's smiling now but will he be smiling later?


Does Jeanette know why she's sitting under this Lotus?

Jaime tries his hand at installing the infamous clips used to hold the inner and outer door seals in place.  Now what happened to Andy's smile?


Some of Jaime's regular customer's cars

Here we can see two samples of homemade tools that will make the installation of the seal clips easier.  Both work well.

The business ends of the tools need a small bend to hold the clips

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