TRAC's Winter Dinner 2004
TRAC held its 4rd Winter Dinner on Saturday January 24threturning to the Sparrows Point Country Club. This years affair was attended by the largest contingent of TRAC members, 63 in all.  Continuing with the tradition, the appetizers, buffet dinner, and desserts were outstanding and enjoyed by everyone.

Club President, Ben Heller, gave the traditional State of TRAC address and presented a few awards to TRAC members for their support throughout the past year.

Appetizers For All!

Uh, Ben.  Do You Remember How That Camera Works?.
In Typical TRAC Fashion
An Enjoyable Evening
Was Experienced
By Everyone
Who Attended
The Winter Dinner 2004
Say, Who Invited These Guys?
Connie and Kathy Are Ready To Start On the Desert Table
Golf Ball-sized, Chocolate Covered Strawberries
TRAC President, Ben Heller, delivered the
State of TRAC Speech

Karen Martin was presented with a certificate for Outstanding Service for her contributions to the TRAC Record
Sandy and Rick Alcorta were presented with a photo as a thank-you for hosting last years TRAC picnic.
Jamie Goffaux, owner of  Yesteryear Motorsports, was presented with a TRAC Jacket for his
 sponsorship of last year's Brits By The Bay and the TRAC Poker Run.

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