MG's on the Rocks '04

On Saturday, September 25, TRAC members once again attended MG of Baltimore's, MG's on the Rocks British Car Show.  This was TRAC's fifth season attending the Rock's show. The weather was great for  TRAC to came away with quite a few awards.

TRAC Members Attending MG's on the Rocks, '04

Bruce Little, 1968 TR250, First Place, TR250/TR6 Class

Lee Fishpaw, 19741/2 TR6, Second Place, TR250/TR6 Class

Don and Helen Cumberland, 1959 TR3A, First Place, TR2/TR3/TR4 Class

Kim Barnes, 1962 TR3B, Second Place, TR2/TR3/TR4 Class

John Herrera, 1959 TR3A, Third Place, TR2/TR3/TR4 Class

Steve Williams, 1967 Morris Mini 1000, Second Place, Other British Through 1980 Class?

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