TRAC's Tech Session
March 2004

TRAC held its 1st Tech Session of the new year at the garage of fellow member, Andy Packard.  Andy spent his tax refund this year by purchasing a Toyota 5-speed transmission conversion kit available from Herman vanden Akker.  This kit mates to a 1982 celica Supra 5 speed gerarbox and comes with all the necessary conversion components.  The buyer need to furnish the Supra bearbox and a few other Toyota components available from from the local dealer

Andy started by undoing the interior

Original tranny awaiting removal.

Replacement tranny bolted to the kit's bell housing

Gringing the input shaft

New flywheel installed and ready to go

Installing the clutch

Hey, don't drop anything

Say guys, you can't see the tranny from there!

The original TR on the left next to the conversion

Rear views

Ready to install the throw-out bearing and internal slave cylinder

One final clearance check

Slave and throw-out installed

Easy does it.

Eight hands are better than two!

Fits like a glove!

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