TRAC Tech Session
October 2004

TRAC held its October Tech Session at Mark Raspi's shop in Edgewood.  This session's topic covered the replacement of Scott Reese's rubber mounted steering rack mounts with a solid aluminum mounts.  According to Scott, this has proved to be a VERY worth while procedure and can be installed on any TR4-6. After the modification there is “ZERO” play in the steering wheel when it is turned.  Scott also mentioned that he notices less effort to steer, as well as better feedback from the road with no extra vibration felt in his hands.

This is the View looking up from Under the Car. Both Nuts have been removed from the Steering Rack mount U-Bolts. Notice that there is a hole in the cross member so that you can get a socket on the nut.

Her Scott is removing the nuts from the other side.

Mark Raspi looks to see the best way to get the original bushings out.

Paul Haggert hard at work on right.

There's always one!  Using a little persuasion to get the last U-bolt loose.

View of the new solid mounts on the left and the old eurathane mounts on the right.

Notice how the solid mount is stepped to accommodate the plastic plug that is on the top of the rack.

Snug as a bug and rock solid – picture of the mount in place.

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