Poker Run

Elkridge, MD

TRAC held its second Poker Run on Saturday August 21st.  Twenty six cars ran this year's event under the threat of rain but fortunately, the rain held off until all activity was basically finished.

The winning hands were:  Best Hand was held by Steve Williams with a Flush;  2nd Best Hand was Mike Lang with a Straight;  the 3rd Best Hand belonged to Bob Merritt with 3 of a Kind (9's);  the Worst Hand belonged to Richard Jefferson with 14 points.

At the end of the run two the driving events were held.  The joust winner was Steve Williams in his Morris Mini and the driver closest to the cone was Bob Clark in his Jensen Healey.

Don and Helen Cumberland

demonstrate a very unique approach to the joust.

After the drive participants also enjoyed the company of the Basignani Winery pets.

Parked under a tree and next to all the action, the only thing better would be to win first prize.

The Poker Run chairman announces the winning hands.

With a hand of 3 nines, Bob Merritt accepts third prize.

With a straight, Mike Lang receives second place.

Smiles and anticipation as results are announced. That was just enough to keep the weather at bay.

With the worst hand totaling 14 points, Carol Jefferson doubles the registration fee.

Limping and dragging himself to the front, Steve Williams wins first place with a flush.

Look at this Mr. Williams wins the joust with an unbelievable time of 43 seconds.

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